venerdì, settembre 10, 2010

Da Oakley l'app iPad per aiutare a scegliere gli occhiali

Una app per iPad e iPhone che svolge l'importantissimo compito di farci capire qual'è la lente colorata più adatta per ogni condizione di luce ed impegno sportivo.


If you take your sport and outdoor activities seriously, you will realize how much difference the right sunglass lens makes. But how do you know which lens color is the right one for you? This new app by Oakley helps you to find the right lens: Choose from five different outdoor environments and two different weather conditions to find out which Oakley lens tint is perfect for your application and environment.

For example, experience our virtual slopes and see how Oakley HDPOLARIZED technology cuts glare without distorting your vision. Or check out the virtual cross-country terrain with its alternating bright and dark areas to see how all-purpose lenses by Oakley give you the sharpest contrast you can imagine.

Download the OakleyView app today and experience our specifically formulated lens tints that will perfect your vision to perfect your performance.

OakleyView features:
- Test a wide selection of 18 different virtual Oakley lenses before you buy – from all-purpose sport performance lenses to lenses with HDPOLARIZED technology and Iridium© coatings
- Check different weather conditions and find the lens transmission and contrast that suits your activities best – from lenses for low light and fog to extremely sunny or bright environments
- Find the lens for your activity: whether it’s driving, sailing, fishing, alpine sports, cycling, golf, running, MTB or everyday activities, OakleyView opens your eyes – not to what you’ll see, but how you’ll see
- See the difference Oakley’s HDPOLARIZED technology makes in high-glare situations
- OakleyView makes full use of the wealth of interactive features of the iPhone/iPad – tilt the phone/pad to fully explore panoramic landscapes and various lighting angles

Comes with your 5 favourite landscape settings: street, water, golf course, snow, and cross-country

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